Bitumen roofing membranes POLYROOF and liquid products ECOMAST

Over 20 years “Gidroizoliatcionnye Materialy” Ltd Plant produces the professional bituminous rolled waterproofing materials, bituminous mastics and primers for the construction market. The plant products represent the quintessence of the accumulated experience and response to the market challenge under the new economic conditions. The plant is located in the city of Nikolskoye of the Leningrad Region and represents a modern manufacturing and warehouse complex.

The enterprise is fitted with high-tech European and domestic equipment. The company specialists have developed and implemented into the production line their own unique pieces of equipment. The sustained product quality is achieved by the proven manufacturing techniques, balanced formulae and highly-skilled employees. Over the years of the successful operation the plant product has approved itself as the high-quality and reliable waterproofing. The produced materials are in demand under construction of the complex objects, such as underground railways, steel works, metallurgical complexes, civil and commercial constructions, roads and bridges as well as in the private house-building.

The plant products are presented in the construction market by POLYROOF and ECOMAST trademarks.

POLYROOF trademark includes the waterproofing polyester reinforced SBS modified bitumen membranes, ECOMAST — liquid bitumen mastic, sealants, adhesives and primers.

The factors of our success are: innovations – technologies – team

We watch the latest innovations and market tendencies, make progress together with our partners and customers, constantly develop the new products, which optimally meet the market demands.

Due to the close cooperation with the leading scientific and design organizations, we develop the new technical solutions in the field of waterproofing and construction, improve and adapt the formulae to the current construction requirements.

The company employees are a like-minded team, the professionals who work towards a result, aimed at developing and building up of the mutually beneficial relationship with partners and customers.

For today, the sales geography of “Gidroizoliatcionnye Materialy” Ltd is performed in the territory of Russia, in the CIS and EU countries.

  • Experience in manufacture of the waterproofing materials is over 20 years.
  • Modern high-technology equipment.
  • Annual output of the rolled materials is over 15 mln. m².
  • Annual output of the membrane waterproofing is over 20 thousand tons.
  • Supplies are provided in the entire country of Russia, to the CIS states and neighboring countries.
  • Consistency of the manufactured products.
  • All products have the required certificates and approvals.

The rolled waterproofing membrane is high in demand in the current construction market. POLYROOF bituminous  rolled materials and membranes are indispensable for installation and repair of the roof covering, waterproofing of the foundation, roadway platform, engineering constructions. POLYROOF products are used in the civil, industrial, road construction as well as for different engineering communications and equipment.

POLYROOF torch able rolled materials are manufactured by means of the modern high-technology equipment from the SBS bitumen on different bases. During production, we use several types of the bases for rolled membranes, such as glass fabric, polyester canvas and glass cloth. Due to the base stress-strain properties we obtain different consumer qualities of the products. Thus, for example, glass fabric has high-tensile strength; polyester canvas gives high elasticity to the material; glass cloth is suitable for the objects with normal and low level of responsibility.

POLYROOF torch able rolled waterproofing can be applied for one-layer or multilayer solution. The materials have the protective layer marking:

  • “K” – materials with the large-grained, flake-like grit, with increased resistance against ultraviolet.
  • “P” – materials with a polymer film from the front and bottom sides of the canvas, used for installation of the lower layers of the roof covering and waterproofing of building constructions.